Tips on how to get beautiful soft lips!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! So since its winter and very cold and dry, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a blog about how to get moisturized lips! So if you would like to know about how to get moisturized lips well them just keep scrolling! 



  • Lick your lips
  • Over exfoliate
  • Use lip products that contain alcohol 
  • When your lips are cracked and dry don’t bite off any skin’ that only makes it worse (instead try honey overnight! Your lips will thank you in the morning)

      Tips (things you can apply to your lips)

      • Honey
      • Exfoliate with sugar 
      • Vitamin E oil
      • Before applying a mattifying lipstick add just a bit of lip balm. It’ll help keep your lips moisturized
      • Exfoliate with a toothbrush 
      • Use a lip mask. It moisturizes and plumps your lips 

      Well I hope you guys found my blog useful! Please let me know what you think and please comment below what do you do to keep your lips moisturized! Have a good one! Stay blessed!

      Today’s beauty hacks and tips!

      Hey guys! How are you doing huntyy?!? So today I wanted to share with you guys a tone of beauty hacks that I’m sure you would absolutely love! So if you would like to know a ton of great beauty hacks and tips just keep scrolling! 

      How to get ride of dark circles

      Dark circles….NOBODY likes dark circles! Now when I did my research I wanted to find things that was either cheap or something you could possibly have in your home! I know a ton of people suffer from this. I know I do so you aren’t alone!

      • Rose water-has anti inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rude or acne dermatitis and eczema. It removes oil and dirt.
      • Cucumber- also similar to rose water, the acides found in cucumbers prevent water retention which is why it helped reduce swelling and herlpes with burns
      • Tea bags-the caffeine in tea helps shrink blood vessels which reduce puffiness and dark circles
      • Almond oil- this plus adding a bit of lemon juice can help even out skin tone, apply at night before bed
      • Coconut oil-because this oil is so moisturizing it helps get ride of dark circles. Massaging this under your eyes will feel amazing and you’ll seen see results.

      This one I have used  a lot. Especially since I do have oily skin. This dries it right up. Now it may dry up your face a little too much so don’t over due it and afterwards use a tiny bit of moisturizer. This also helps lighten skin and even the tone out and unclogs pores. Which means …NO MORE BLACK HEADS!!! I Hate those suckersπŸ˜₯ I’ve gotten into a few fight’s with some black heads. I’m tellin yall we don’t get along! Lol

      Vitamin E oil is amazing! I use it for my nails and stretch marks. Another thing I recently had to do because the weather has been so dry is I rub this oil into my face and let it sit for a good 10 or 15 minutes and then I use a cleanser to rinse it off. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Also this is good for dark circles too or if you have wrinkles this will help reduce them. Just massage it in and watch the mnagic! 

      And lastley! The proper way to wash your face!! Well I hope you guys have enjoyed my blog! If you have used any of these methods comment down bellow and tell me your thought! Please comment like and follow! Have a wonderful day!😝

      L.A.Colors White 16 color pallet review

      Good morning everyone! Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! So y’all know I love me some L.A. Colors cosmetics! So I really been wanting the white 16 color pallet after seeing several people doing reviews on it. I wanted it because its very pigmented and the colors are bright! Like metallic and has the right amount of shimmer to it. 

      Im really happy with my purchase! I got this from dollar general for only 4$. So I think its a great price for the size and the colors you get.


      • Apply primer or concealer to eyelid before applying eye-shadow (I use the Broadway cream concealer in the color beige glow)
      • I’ve found that using a spoon works if you want to achieve the cut crease look.
      • BLEND!!
      • When using these colors you want to show off your look so I would say pull your hair back so EVERYONE can see your masterpiece!!
      • If you don’t want it so pigmented don’t apply so much, but if you do want it pigmentef it will look something like this πŸ‘‡This is my first time EVER wearing blue and I love it!! For underneath my brow I used the gold color which is on the upper left hand corner and the blue is the very last one! I wanted this look to be very bold and dramatic so I applied some very thick and long Broadway lashes called Sassy! 

        I hope you have enjoyed this and thank you for reading! Please like comment and follow! Also my IG is 

      Stay blessed my loves😘

      Using Matte lipstick as eyeshadow??😰

      YES!! Yes I did hunty! I used Matte lipstick as eyeshadow and I wish I would have done it sooner!! I used the L.A.colors Matte liquid lip color called danger. Im more of a Matte person so when I bought this I was so excited! 

      So your probably wondering why I used it as eyeshadow and I just thought it looked cool! And it blends so well! I’ve been really wanting to try more bold colors so I thought why not!! So!! If you guys have ever tried it let me know of what you thought or if you did a makeup tutorial I would LOVE to watch! Im not afraid to admit I spend a lot of time watching tutorials! 

      If you guys would like to know how I did my eyebrows I have a tutorial on IG: beautywithatude follow me if you havent! Also comment your IG and I will make sure to follow you!! Also if you have any makeup requests any products you want me to try and review just feel free to ask! Im always looking for new things to post about! Also if you could check out my recent post I did to get to know my followers! 

      So with being a beauty blogger it can be hated for me to consistently post on here because im more of an IG person. So I would love it of you gave me ideas on how to stay on top of posting on here! Im a new and upcoming beauty blogger so honest opinions is welcomed☺




      IG: beautywithatude 

      Charcoal black sugar gel mask VS Noxzema

      Hey guys! I’m back with another blog for you guys! So by the title I’m sure you know what I would like to talk about! So I have been trying new products and the new product that I have recently discovered is the Charcoal black sugar gel mask. Noxzema is something that I have used for years, but since using my Charcoal black sugar gel mask I have realized I am using the wrong product!

      Pros to using Noxzema 

      • When I apply it, it gives me a tingly sensation on my face… 

      Yeah unfortunately thats about it! That is honestly the only thing I like it about. Yeah for a split second it makes my skin smooth and clean, but then 5 minutes later it makes my skin oily. I wake up and its like I dumped a big pile of grease on my face lol not cute…nope…not at all. If any of you guys have used this product let me know your thoughts! 

      Pros to using Charcoal black sugar gel mask 

      • It has the little beads that exfoliates the skin
      • It made my skin ssssoooooo soft 😍😍 
      • I could immediately see a difference. It brightened my face and really cleansed it
      • It smells so good, I even got it in my mouth on accident and I could taste the sugar lol
      • Its affordable!! I got it at my local dollar general for just a few bucks!
      • It moisturizes my skin

      So with that being said I really think yall should really try out the Charcoal black sugar mask! Its affordable and you’ll even get your lil sugar high lol I’m kidding! But for real! Try it, it can’t hurt! Let me know what you think!! God Bless!!

      Look of the day (Happy Monday! )

      Hey guys its Xena! Welcome back to my blog! I wanted to show you guys my look for today and show you what I used to achieve this look! First off I just want to say thank you to everyone that had followed me and like my blogs! Such great motivation and I appreciate it😊 Now lets get to it!!

      Hair-Lets start off with my hair. I washed it with my Garnier Fructis Sleek and shine shampoo. Then I patted it dry and applied my Shea Moisture, Jamaican black Castor oil leave in conditioner. I applied it to my scalp and ends.  Then I did the same thing with the Jamaican black Castor (oil) and Cantu Shea butter coconut curling cream.

      Then I braided my hair back and tied it up over night. (If you dont have time for that overnight mess I suggest using a blow dryer…I moved a month or so ago and still can’t find mine!! Lol) now after its dried take the braids out and apply just a bit of water and the Gel to add that extra shine and curl. Use a tooth brush to sleek them edges down (I use extra hold Gel) the corner that you see was shaved awhile back a I just took the Gel and slicked it down! And there you have it!!

      Face-first I applied the Maybelline dream BB fresh 130 medium/deep sheer tint (just a few dots around my face) then I did the same with the Maybelline dream liquid mousse airbrush finish 120 Caramel. Then to finished the foundation off I applied my covergirl queen collection pressed powder Q415 golden medium which helps give it that smooth look.

      I applied the covergirl super size mascara and the L.A. Colors Perfect lash lengthening mascara. Then I used my black pencil. Then from my Day and Night L.A. Colors eyeshadow collection I used the shimmery brown and a nude color for under my brow. I also used my highlight and contour duo stick to highlight that area. 

      I used my black pencil to fill in my brows and the lipstick is a burgundy color! This look is not hard to achieve! And its very affordable! How so? I bought all of this stuff at Dollar general πŸ˜‚ my favorite place to go Lol! Well I really hopped you’ve enjoyed my blog! I will be doing reviews on the products that I have used so until next time!! Be safe and have a blessed dayπŸ‘‹β€πŸ˜Š

      Makeup I usedHair products I used 

      Look at this cute curls πŸ˜„πŸ˜

      My #1 face cleanser

      Hey guys! Welcome back to my beauty blog! Im sure just by the title your curious as to what face cleaner Im referring too. First let me just tell you a quick story…

      At the beginning of the summer I had noticed that my face was getting very oily and it was causing a lot of acne. I wasnt used to this at all. I had never experienced acne or any other facial problems before so this was completely new to me. 

      Well I had bought all types of expensive products to get rid of it and nothing worked. I couldn’t take it anymore, it was very frustrating. One day I went to dollar general and seen this small jar called Oxy. I had never heard of it before, but it was only $3 so I said why not?
      Well when I tried it for the first time I was shocked at how well it worked. I really think for me the problem I had with it at first was the strong stench of Alcohol. I do really recommend this if you have oily skin and to follow the instructions! 

      My face isn’t  oily anymore and all my acne disappeared.  My face is soft and smooth. I love the fact that it gives me a beautiful glow. Which I constantly get complimented on! I also would like to say that this is my review on this product. Im not getting paid at all. I just wanted everyone to know how much I love this product and I’ve been using it for months now and it never fails. 

      Here is a list of things it does for me

      • Cleanses
      • Softens my skin
      • Removes dirt
      • Leaves a wonderful glow
      • Gets rid of acne

      Now with that being said every product works differently for everyone. I love it because its super cheap. I no longer have to go out and spend tones of money for a product when I only have to pay $3 dollars! 

      Its a 28 day challenge so after 28 days I always go and buy more. I do have other facial cleansers that I use, but this is definitely my favorite. So what are you waiting for silly?!?! Go try it out!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      -bottom picture is of me with no makeup on no edit no nothing. At this point i had only used Oxy a few times and i could see a huge improvement.